An amazing programmable module

for inventing and prototyping

smart objects    …and much more !

LimiFrog Applications
LimiFrog Example Applications




Freely programmable

C software package provided for ease of use
MicroPython enabled


Now available to everyone !

LimiFrog is for…

Entrepreneurs and Labs

Convincing and easily implemented proofs of concept, without heavy investments —  for Internet of Things, wearables and more


Smooth introduction to 32-bit microcontroller programming. Enablement of multiple attractive projects with a single platform.


Versatile, compact, powerful and energy efficient. Opens up a new field of original  projects.

Hardware: Fully-featured and Powerful


  • OLED screen, full-color 160×128 pixels
  • Dimensions: 36x31mm  of which, active zone: 29x23mm


  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • 3-axis magnetometer
  • Atmospheric pressure and altitude
  • Ambient temperature
  • Microphone (basic)
  • Ambient Light Proximity detector with distance evaluation

Processing and Storage

  • STM32L476 (ARM Cortex-M4) ultra-low power micro-controller
    with Floating Point Unit, DSP instructions and ART accelerator, up to 80MHz clock rate, 512KB program memory, only 100uA/Mhz in active mode, shut-down mode at 30nA.
  • Dedicated 64Mbit Data Flash


with PC, Smartphones and tablets

  • USB2.0 device (“full-speed” 12Mb/s)
  • Pre-certified BlueTooth LE 4.1 (antenna included)

Extension pins

  • 3.3V + GND + 9 configurable pins
    as GPIO, Interruptions, I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, Timer/PWM, Analog (ADC, DAC, OpAmp)

Power supply

  • From battery or USB cable,
  • Fully integrated power management 500mA.h lithium-polymer rechargeable battery
  • Automatic battery charging in presence of power on USB input


  • Board: 41x34mm (1.6”x1.3”) – Battery: 36x34mm – Display 36x31mm – Total weight < 25g
  • Overall dimensions depend on protective case design, circa 44x41x14mm (1.7”x1.6”x0.55”) in a stacked configuration
Option available:  with/without OLED display


32-bit micro-controller programming made easy

…while also enabling experienced programmers to enjoy themselves

Open-source software package (‘C’) provided, for easy prototyping :

  • Initialization code for immediate set-up of complete board Frees user from complex set-up of I/Os, interrupts, etc.
  • Application Programming Interface for all on-board chips
  • Middleware: USB device, FAT File System, Gfx Lib ported to LimiFrog, ready to use
  • Utilities, example applications and demos

BlueTooth Smart/Low-Energy (BTLE) 4.x:

  • Software stack pre-loaded in BTLE module ROM
  • “Data Transfer” custom profile ready to use, download to LimiFrog by USB

STM32: Freely programmable

  • Multiple development chains available — free or commercial (Example code based on gcc + makefile)
  • Code download and debug via SWD interface (2 wires)
  • USB download also possible (pre-programmed bootloader in STM32)

Without or with OS

  • Provided software runs on ‘bare metal’ (no OS)
  • For more advanced uses: various embedded OS / real-time kernels are available for the STM32

See on:

MicroPython enabled

  • Python for micro-controllers (
  • Control from terminal on PC or load script over USB on Flash drive


3D-printable cases –

  • 3D-printable models of simple ad-hoc protective cases are provided (STL files and Openscad sources)
  • Print them yourself or get it done by your favorite 3D-printing shop. You can also improve upon them and share them !
  • A “ready-made” case is included with LimiFrog model ‘The Full Monty’. 

Contact:   xavier [at]

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